Holiday Gifts...for not your average giftee

In my pursuit to live a healther, ethical...better life, I've tried lots of products.  Some have been awesome, and some have been terrible.  I've rounded up some of my favorites, to suggest gifts that are a little bit off the beaten path.

If you took a peak back into this blog, you'll find that I'm not so great at creating new habits. Reading Better Than Before has given me lots of tips fro developing new habits that worked. I was actually even able to discover why I'm not so great at creating the habits.  This book is great for anyone, but especially someone that is in pursuit of a few goals, and needs a little extra "oomf"

If you have a friend that's a tidbit "crunchy," get them this deodorant...I promise it's not that offensive.  I've been on a pursuit for a natural deodorant, because I don't want to put aluminum on my pitties. I have sensitive skin and have found that natural deodorants either don't work or my irritate my skin.  This probiotic deodorant is the best natural deodorant that I've found.  After a few weeks, it did end up irritating my skin a little, and Tara made me a special batch without baking soda.  So, whether it's for yourself or someone else.  It's a great buy.

My friends over at Prettyography put me in touch with Tandy over at Mat & Kitchen, and we've been collaborating ever since.  With a Mat & Kitchen subscription your giftee, will get new workouts every 3 days, and access to 300+ recipes made by Tandy herself.  This option is great if you have someone that is crazy  busy, and wants a quick and easy way to get healtheir at home.

When the time came to upgrade out of my $10 "I'm just trying yoga out" mat, I asked my yoga teacher for recommendations, and she suggested Manduka.  I took her advice, and I'm glad I did.  It's awesome quality, I no longer slip around like I did on my $10 "I'm just trying yoga out" mat, and its a cute color.  If you have a yogi on your gift list, that is ready to upgrade to a new mat for the New Year (did I just say New Year? Time flies.) I pass my teachers Manduka recommendation along.

And of course my jewelry makes an awesome gift, too.  

So there you have it Holiday Gifts...for not your average giftee. Or if you want to call it what it really is, new things I tried this year and really liked. So try it yourself, or get it for someone on your list.  Whatever works for you.


Hi...if anybody's out there.  I haven't blogged in...quite a while, but I've been feeling like it lately.  I spent a lot of time documenting my pursuit of Pure Bliss (hence why the blog was called Pure Bliss.) I've been loving my life lately, so I stopped talking about it? That's silly. So, what better way to dip my toes back into the water of sharing my life with others, than to talk about what I'm grateful for, on Thanksgiving.

Sooo.. this year I am grateful:
  • Being an aunt.  Back when I blogged on the regular, I talked about how my sister was going to have a baby. Well that "baby" is 4, has a younger sister, and has a little brother on the way.  Life as an aunt has been pretty awesome.
  • My family in general.
  • Having a job that I love, working with people that I love.
  • My pup pup...I remember when I first started my blog, posting about getting a dog...she's still the most perfect dog ever.
  • My business! Today's the five year anniversary of Peerless Charm. It seems like yesterday I was documenting on here the lead up to opening my webstore.  I was so naive back then. The past five years has been lots of work, but I'm definitely heading in the direction that I need to go.
  • My boyfriend...he's awesome.
What are you grateful for this year?


Another Opinion About Macklemore and Equality

Today I read an article on feministing.com, that led to another that led to another. All of these articles had one thing in common: their message gave me anger chest pains (Which I have not experienced in quite a while). I consider myself a feminist, and a believer in equality for EVERYONE. My personal belief is that we are not far from a world where people are treated with love and respect regardless of our: race, gender, sexual orientation, or any other characteristic we humans choose to hate on each other about. I DO NOT believe that the way to get there is by policing everyone's every move, ESPECIALLY when their intentions are for equality. 
There are many people that are upset about Macklemore performing the song Same Love with Mary Lambert at the Grammys. They feel that they have been disrespected because Macklemore is a straight white man, acting as a voice for equality. There is a human... on stage... rapping about how EVERYONE deserves the right to get married... and how no one should be discriminated against. In response, he is discriminated against by the very people he is attempting to help. 
Additionally, another struggle for equality in this country is in regards to race. In a different article I read today, the writer was upset that a white man and woman would use hip hop as a tool to speak out for equality, since hip hop originated within the African American culture. A website... that claims to be against racism... is calling them out... based on their race. 

Equality is attainable, and activists are necessary to achieve that equality. I just wish that those fighting the good fight could be embraced by everyone rather than criticized. Let's not stand up against those that share our message, especially because we feel they are not qualified to speak the message. When fighting for equality, everyone is equally qualified.